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The AFV Society are looking to maintain an on-line register of all Alvis vehicles. We would be most grateful if you could forward details of any privately owned vehicles so that we can add them to the register. More...


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Well we did it, what a team. The Royal Tournament was a roaring success. However, it was not all plain sailing. All the rehearsing that was done in preparation for the show had to be scrapped, as doing neutral turns wrecked the floor. Fortunately, we were given more rehearsal time, often late into the night.

We took down eight vehicles, six for the performance and two as spares / recovery vehicles, after the first rehearsal two had broken. Glenn came to the rescue and made a detour to the shed on his way down to collect some spare parts. Another late night / early morning and the vehicle was fixed.

Sally and I sat in the audience and our hearts were in our mouth, we were so nervous for the lads, but we needn't have worried, the performance went down so well that after the first show we were asked if we could add in another couple of minutes. That does not sound much but there was no time to rehearse. After some head scratching and much debate out came the serviettes and a pen and a plan was not only formed but executed to perfection.

We met lots of famous people including Royalty, David Beckham and his sons (such nice lads), Bear Grylls and many more.

We hope to be asked back next year.

We have decided to include the performance in next year's Tanks Trucks and Firepower show which is on 23rd, 24th and 25th August , at Dunchurch Nr Rugby, Warwickshire.

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